YES!!!! I am back! It's been about 2 years since I've updated (sorry Leo, and Leo fans) It wasn't because I lost interest in my favorite actor, I just couldn't get in to update because I moved and lost all of my passwords. Hey... the good news is I got rid of my WebTV and I am now a professional Web Designer. I also now have all the tools to make this site come alive So stay tuned for some incredible updates! How do you like the new look so far? Well, I still have lots of fixing up to do in here!!

ARE YOU OVER THE HILL? Do you find that your house is not quite as sparkly clean as it use to be, your collection of romance novels have been replaced with Tean Beat magazines, and you're shopping money has been spent to go see Titanic for the 10th time? All because you just can't get Leo out of your head! Don't be ashamed! You're not alone. I'm 27, which is pretty old compared to most of his fans. Hopefully this site will interest you.

You won't find any gossip on him here, I will not contribute to the many rumours that circulate the net about this fine actor, he doesn't deserve that.

Feel free to post your thoughts on Leo on my message board. And don't forget to wipe your mouth after drooling over the beautiful pictures of him in my "Visions of Leo" section! Also, please take a moment to sign my guestbook.